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Founded in 2004 in Munich Germany, ipan represents the next generation of IP services and software. From our global partner network of 100 IP law firms representing 240 countries, to our advanced technical infrastructure, we are committed to advancing the industry and providing you with a complete IP service and software experience.

This unique combination enables our customers to focus on innovation rather than administration, and has made us one of the fastest growing and largest IP service companies in the world, with more than two million IP rights under management.

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ipan global partners

Over the past decade, ipan has built an extensive partner network dedicated to efficiency, transparency and quality. Regardless of your portfolio size or IP service needs, ipan has the local expertise to ensure that your valuable IP rights are maintained.

With more than 100 of the top IP firms in the world, covering more than 240 jurisdictions, the ipan global partner network is ready to take on your toughest challenges.

the ipan

cost effective

ipan's focus on efficiency, scalability and transparency ensures that you receive the best fees while also simplifying budgeting and reconciliation through clear, up front pricing.


ipan adapts to your process, your schedule, your IP management system. This reduces transition times, speeding your cost savings and eliminating risk and training costs.


ipan's global partner network and advanced technology give you access to unparalleled experience and service capability.


ipan's international network of IP professionals and multi-tiered data verification process ensure that your valuable IP rights are secure.


Control the complete process of IP management. Relax with fixed prices including any extra cost with no hidden fees or charges within our capped budgeting model.

advanced integration

ipan integrates seamlessly with your IP Management system, automating manual tasks, improving productivity and limiting errors