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At ipan we believe in the power of your ideas, the value behind your products and the importance of reliable protection. By managing your intellectual property directly through ipan you can achieve significant cost savings, while gaining unprecedented control and visibility into the process – without the need to invest in expensive systems or tie up valuable resources.

ipan has a comprehensive suite of services and IP management software spanning the entire IP life cycle, enabling our corporate clients to optimize their intellectual property portfolios world-wide.

Our cost-efficient, transparent and secure processes protect, monitor and validate your patent rights to give your leadership team  the assurance they require that patent-related risk is managed and patent-related opportunities are being fully optimised.

With more than two million IP rights under management, ipan is the fastest growing company in the industry. With ipan, you are in safe hands.



With ipan, you have complete visibility into all of your IP costs, enabling you to have a clear picture of how much you are spending around the world. With ipan, late fees and other hidden fees are a thing of the past - our cost effective, transparent pricing model is changing the industry.


ipan leverages several layers of protection to ensure the safety of your IP rights. From multiple levels of electronic data validation to a world class IP partner network and sophisticated internal workflow management tools, your portfolio is regularly monitored to guarantee that your rights are maintained.


ipan works with you and your systems to minimize the impact of switching providers, while also decreasing start up time and limiting risk. The ipan technology platform has the capacity to adapt to your way of doing business - allowing you to focus on your core business rather than learning a new system or process.

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