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The effective transfer of IP assets as a result of a merger or acquisition can be a complex and time-consuming process, often spanning multiple jurisdictions. By their nature, such situations are difficult to anticipate and resource for in advance.

Transferring the task to ipan ensures a straight forward, transparent and customized process for a fixed and low-cost fee.

What you can expect from our patent recordals service:

> One point-of-contact: ipan simplifies complex recordals projects through its global reach and access to local expertise.

> Ease of monitoring: ipan’s global partnership eliminates much of the back and forth, making it easy for you to understand what has been completed and what remains to be done.

> Predictable budgeting: ipan operates a fixed fee model with no hidden costs, simplifying communications.

> Cost-savings: ipan passes the savings of our process-efficiency on to our customers, while ensuring only the highest quality of service.

> Individual recordals or large project:  ipan can manage recordals during the annuity payment process or as part of a large project covering multiple patents and jurisdictions.

> Advisory service: ipan provides full support services to help you prioritize your recordal requirements.

Over the years, ipan has successfully transferred tens of thousands of IP assets world-wide for clients of all sizes, with portfolios spanning the globe.

Find out more about our recordals service – download our whitepaper or contact us.



Our recordals process offers simple monitoring of all required activities and complete transparency for you, providing peace of mind throughout the process.


Our fixed fee pricing model provides complete financial visibility regardless of project complexity or the number of jurisdictions.


Using ipan as your one-stop IP partner means you are immediately resourced to manage large and unanticipated recordals projects, without the need to hire additional staff or invest in additional systems. This enables your team to focus on higher priority acquisition or business related tasks.

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