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Managing your trademark renewals through ipan decreases your costs and enables your organization to do more with less. By streamlining the operational process through one point of contact, you will need fewer resources, will have more efficient processes and can realize significant cost savings and improved budgeting capabilities.

What you can expect from our renewal service:

> Administrative simplicity: all documents, currencies and worldwide agents are managed by ipan in a comprehensive, streamlined service.

> Local IP expertise: by combining our in-house expertise with our global partner network, you will benefit from a global service with genuinely local expertise.

> Predictable budgeting: our process provides exceptional visibility into your costs, improving budgets and financial transparency.

Sophisticated integration: we can electronically interface with your management systems to eliminate manual tasks and improve accuracy

Find out more about our renewals service – download our whitepaper or contact us.



We centralize all communication, invoicing and currency management, simplifying time consuming and resource intensive renewal processes.


Our processes are designed for efficiency, reducing your resource requirements and enabling you to allocate your team to higher value activities.


With decades of experience, our worldwide network of leading IP firms ensures the security of your valuable IP rights.

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