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ipan enables your firm to be more competitive, assisting you to respond rapidly to the ever changing needs of your clients. Our state of the art technology and world-wide team of IP professionals can help you expand your services and revenues by taking on new clients and projects without the burden of hiring new staff or implementing expensive new systems. This commitment to quality and partnership has made ipan the fastest growing company in its space.

Whether you need assistance with an urgent project or want to expand your firm’s capabilities, ipan has the experience and resources to deliver the level of quality and service that your clients have come to rely on you for.



ipan's partner network and team of IP experts enable you to quickly respond to your client's needs without the need to hire or train additional staff.


ipan's industry leading technology platform and best in class partner network ensure that instructions are executed in a timely and accurate fashion - safeguarding your client's valuable IP rights and providing an extra layer of security through a comprehensive multi-layered validation process.


The ipan technology infrastructure allows you to retain your current processes and ways of working with your clients. The ipan team will become a natural extension of your own team, simplifying the onboarding process and decreasing risk for your clients.

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900 wilshire drive troy, mi 48084 united states
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