I joined ipan in 2006 and I am responsible for ipan’s operations. One of my first experiences in IP was the payment of an annuity for a German Patent with the German Patent Office around 20 years ago. To effect the payment I had to buy a fee stamp at the cash desk of the Patent Office, fill out a form with a type writer, glue the stamps on the form and prepare a copy. Handing over the duly prepared form to the receptionist of the German Patent Office I received a duly stamped confirmation proofing the payment of the annuity.

Since then, I swapped Art History studies for a career developing computer based systems for IP law firms specializing in the handling of renewal payments; I have organized Service Departments in law firms and I have set up third party IP systems.

It is amazing to see that today we handle thousands of IP-actions in the same time it took me to effect a single payment 20 years ago. Now, fee stamps, hand written forms, online payments and automatic translations co-exist, and it is satisfying to see our clients benefit from ever more efficient and robust processes.

I was born and am living in Munich with my family with two children.

anton wallner

managing director
münchener str. 14 85540 münchen germany
+49 89 94385040

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